The mistress escort: a complex art done to boost pleasure

The mistress escort: a complex art done to boost pleasure

A mistress is a lady who is an expert in taking a dominant role in BDSM sessions. These mistresses are also known as dominatrix. They have learned a lot of techniques and tools to provide these specific services to the client, also known as submissive.

It is important to make a difference between a mistress and a prostitute. First the mistress may or may not offer sexual intercourse. Second a mistress must be articulate, quick witted, creative, intelligent and good at improvisation.

How can I find a mistress?

Before internet was created, this art was not as available as it is now. People had to look for information in the few magazines that talked about the topic. Now is much easier to find this service with just a short internet search. The web allows you to find mistresses all around the globe. At the same time with this amount of information you can select from a huge variety, who is the best dominatrix for you based on her specialties, her look and her location.

Please be aware that, even the web makes much easier to find pages offering this service. You must check how these pages are built, if they are constantly upgraded or managed, making a fast choice without a careful review may not be a smart decision.

After you have decided who is the right mistress for you, it is time to contact her. This can be done by mail or by phone. Remember if your selected mistress doesn’t answer right away don’t be upset, be patient, she may be in a session, so wait for her message, for sure she will get back to you as soon as she can.

What does a mistress escort service provide?

Now that you have chosen the dominatrix of your preference, you will set a date. The time she spends with you providing a service is called a “session”. A minimum session lasts about one hour. During this time the mistress does what she has agreed with the client. When someone hasn’t been part of one of this sessions, may be worried about pain. But there are two things to be considered: first, a BDSM session does not always include physical punishment or pain. Second if the session was planned to be related to spanking, hitting, slapping or any other physical action, the dominant and the submissive agree upon a “safe word”. This word is set to indicate when the submissive has reached his/her limit. An expert mistress knows how to play her role making the experience pleasant for her client.

The services a dominatrix may provide go as far as you can imagine, there are all kind of fantasies, fetish and preferences a client may want to experience. The most known are the ones contained in the acronym BDSM, which means bondage, discipline, dominance, submission and sadomasochism activities. But the dominatrix services are much more extensive. Each one of this words imply a huge variety of practices that go from being treated as a baby to be trained as a dog or worship body parts like the feet. The bondage is to restrain body movement; the discipline is to make the submissive follow the rules set in the experience, if he doesn’t, he will receive a punishment; and the sadomasochism. These practices may be done separately or they may be part of the same session.

If you feel this is not an extensive explanation, there are some other practices you may have not even imagined or you may like it but don’t know its name or who can do it for you. Some of these are:  trampling, electro stimulation, salve training, genital shaving, glove worship, suspension, humiliation, role play, kidnap scenarios, nipple play, mind control, medical role play, golden shower, shoe worship and boot worship, smoking fetish, anal play; breath control, autoerotic asphyxiation; cock and ball busting. If there is something missing a short search will make things a little clearer for you.

In a session the dominant and the submissive may include all kind of accessories. These are different and are used depending on the role and the fantasy they decide to explore. To mention some: butt plugs and strap ons, anal toys, electrics canes, tawses, paddles, floggers, needles, ropes, restraints, chains, gags, cuffs, spreader bars, collar and lead, gas mask, breath play hoods, nipple play equipment, clothes and lingerie for feminization. Nappies, adult baby clothes, mitts, bottle, dummy/pacifier, toys and changing mat. They change depending on the fantasy to be lived.

The sessions may take place in a house, in a hotel in a special club or in a dungeon or chamber. The dungeon is a specific place designed to take the dominant/submissive role game to the top. It contains special equipment you may need in the experience. If the fantasy is medical, it will contain material related to it; if it is bondage it will have restrains devices; if it is suspension it will also have the necessary equipment to get this task done. Some chambers may have all set together just displayed to be included during the session as the mistress decides it is needed.  

What to do when you set your appointment?

To guarantee both of you are comfortable it is a good idea to be presentable and clean. Also it is highly recommended to avoid drinking in excess, make sure you are in a proper state of mind. It is really important to be polite with your mistress. In case, for any reason you cannot attend your session, please notify your dominatrix, she will understand for sure. But if you don’t do it, it will be less probably to be considered to reschedule your session.

You must not deny yourself to have new life experiences. If you want to explore something, a controlled and professional environment is the best place to start, look for a qualified mistress escort service, they are ready to fulfill your fantasy.